Skyblock Release!

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Hello, We want to mention that skyblock wants to release Saturday at 2PM EST with lots of new things and lots of bug fixes.

As you knew, the economy was rather ruined and fucked up at the previous season. This time we have made sure that the economy is fixed and everything is balanced.

What are the new features?
- Mines: We have mines with resources in skyblock from which you can buy tickets, which gives you access to a mine with resources that respawn after so many seconds.
- Hoppers: We have added faster hoppers and crop hoppers.
- Hoppers: We have also added a hopper filter that allows you to filter item frames with a specific item on them.
- Daily rewards: To keep the game a bit special you can collect rewards every day.
- Masks: You can buy masks that give you special effects.
- New vouchers
- New shop prices
- A plugin to trade in a safe way
- Duels: You can now do a duel for money with someone, just a little extra.
- Cluescrolls: Buy a few cluescrolls and you must complete the assignments so that you get nice rewards.
- New kits
- New gkits
- And many much more!