Skyblock 12 Masters Released

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Hello dear members of CurseHQ,

We are changing a lot of things, and adding a lot of systems that not a lot servers has.

Story Line:
Welcome to CurseHQ's Tale of the 12 Masters. This server is an epic undertaking of creativity, willpower, and sheer cunning. Your goals to being the best on this server far surpass just being the top island. As you progress in your story, you'll encounter quests. These quests are meant to help get you to your ultimate goal - defeating the 12 Masters. If you'd like to hear stories about the 12 Masters, please talk to the other citizens walking around town here. If you'd like to learn about what you are able to do here, please talk to the guides standing on either side of me. 12 CUSTOM MOBS CHALLANGE WILL RELEASE SHORTLY!

NOTICE: This thread can be changed sometimes, since we are still working on it, and not all changes & new features have been added yet. This long should probably longer than it is right now.

What's new?
- New skyblock plugin
- NEW /is rate
- NEW /is ratings
- READDED /is upgrade
- NEW Upgrade able beacons.
- NEW /daily (daily rewards OP)
- CHANGED MonthlyCrates
- NEW Casino Games /betting
- CHANGED /gkits [OP]
- Faster leaf decay to make your cactus farm / sugarcane farm faster due this season is focussed on farms.
- New spawners.
- Storage units
- Team Members upgrades
- Heads by killing mobs & players.
- Custom drops & balanced.
- Custom Enchantments
- Minions
- UPDATED New way of storing your items in /pv (new ui and more...)
- NEW /quests
- NEW Custom ender chests
- READDED Type in the chat or [item] to display your item to chat and show to others!


  • Get minions to do everything for you!
  • Obtained through the minions crate.

  • Occurs every 5 minutes with 5, 10,30, and 60-second warnings
  • Item frames, minecarts, wolves, and armor stands will no longer be cleared
Auction House:
  • Maximum list price is now $10,000,000
  • Collect a chest every 10 seconds
  • Added new crates
  • Pistons can no longer push blocks outside of islands
  • Your inventory will be cleared whenever you start or restart an island
  • Right-click obsidian with an empty bucket to get lava back
Changelogs & Bugfixes:
Mobcoins have been more balanced.
- UPDATED! Economy
  • All mob drops will have a balanced price compared with the spawner cost.
  • Grinding mobs will give more valuable loot.
  • New custom mob drops with higher sell prices.
- NEW! Island Banks
  • You can deposit and withdraw money from and to your island.
  • Complete withdraw and deposit history.
  • Role-based permissions for both deposit and withdraw.

- More ways to gain money.
- Lag fixes.
- Finally, after a year, coinflip is back!
- Made farms faster.

- UPDATED! Crates
  • New and amazing rewards
  • Made some crates more balanced.
- UPDATED! Island Top
  • Island top is heavily improved in performance.
  • Island top will now keep track of all island places.
  • Island top will update way more often, instead of each 24 hours, we will try to run it each hour.
    • This value might change depending on the results of performance.
  • Heads should render faster.

There have been many smaller changes for better gameplay.
If you find any bugs or glitches please report the bug or glitch, with visual evidence, to a server manager or skyblock head.

Hopefully you like it!

JohannesHQ // NoPermission