New servers that will be released will be 1.8.

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After trying to run the server at 1.13 or higher, we came to the conclusion that these versions are not the best in terms of performance. Yes the new blocks and colors & texture are really nice. But the servers want to overload rather quickly. This is mainly because minecraft has been coding servers from the beginning and old code with new code do not go well together, as far as I know they are working on optimizing. As far as I know 1.15, but like minecraft it can always take longer. Because they said this from 1.13. And because most players still use 1.8x, we have decided to base the servers that are now arriving on 1.8, mainly the pvp based servers. Vanilla wants to stay at 1.14, creative also wants to come out soon but that will run at 1.12, we can still enjoy the new blocks of 1.12 a bit and if good 1.14 plugins are released we want to update creative to 1.14 Why 1.8? 1.8 simply delivers much better quality, plugins are more stable, and the servers do not overload so quickly. At 1.13+ it uses 3x more memory alone with starting the server, than a 1.8 server. And there are many more reasons.

We hope we have informed you enough about this, do you have any questions?
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King regards, Johannes - NoPermission