CurseHQ Is looking for youtubers!

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CurseHQ Is looking for youtubers!

CurseHQ was a network which had 200 daily players 6 months ago, but due to a purchase of another network that was filled with toxic players which started insulting, hacking etc.

This killed our server pretty fast, we tried our best to end this, but we got hacked multiple times, which is stopped now after we've taken more robust security measures. Now our community is slowly coming back.

We are looking for ways to make the community grow at a faster pace, we thought of youtubers as of now. However, we are open to hear about other viable options.

You need to have at-least: 250+ views
You need to have at-least: 1000+ Subs
You need to provide your statistics of your channel, so we can know you are not a botted channel (which happened 2 times before on mcm).

You will get a YouTuber rank and a special role at our discord server. If you do not meet these requirements but interested in recording in our network you can still apply for it (without getting paid).

Join our discord server and create a ticket using the command "-ticket new"!

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