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What caused us to suddenly end CurseHQ?

I am aware that this question is now popping in all of your heads. I don’t want to make this complicated, so I’ll be explaining simply. The reason is that basically all of CurseHQ’s files got corrupted, (and they still are). Now you may ask “Well Johannes, you spent a lot of time on CurseHQ, how did you let them be destroyed like this?” The corruption mainly occurred due to fatal system crash on our dedicated server. But, yes, you are right. I have dedicated a large amount of time onto CurseHQ. I will not drop this so easily. I have had some conversations with my fellow members and came to a conclusion to continue CurseHQ.

What is going to happen now?

Well, I have committed a very big mistake deleting the old Discord server, you probably know this. But I am not really regretting it. The community persuaded me to continue with that Discord server, but I didn’t quite liked it anyways.

What are going to be the new updates?

We have some “technical” updates which might not interest you but there you go: We have rented 2 new dedicated servers with new System Administrators on the team. For faster connection, we are also going to strengthen our backup systems (Backups will me made per 4 rent instead of per 24 hours) and increase our security levels. For other interesting updates, stay tuned on our Discord server.

Who is the culprit/”hacker”?

This is the most critical question. We actually have identified the “hacker”. We do not wish to reveal much information about him but let me tell you this: it was an inside job. Now the main culprit is called “Donald”, the same person who sold VexelMC to me.

I hope to have informed you enough. - Your owner, Joel

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