Changelog Week 36 - 2019

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These are all changes that we're made this week in week 36 on CurseHQ Network!
All changes of Week 36

Skyblock Order
- Added and configured gkits, custom enchants, and monthly crates.
- Disabled achievement announcements.
- Full inventory bug with telepath patched. using another plugin to alert player to full inventory.
- Inquisitive enchantment removed.
- Casualprotector added to prevent book glitches.
- Network messages updated.
- Added MKD tag.
- Added spawner trader in spawn. [CURRENTLY DISABLED DUE MASSIVE LAG ISSUES]
- Modified voteparty rewards.
- Switched stacking plugins.
- Finally finished all 4319 lines of lang files.
- Removed repair cost from /repair.
- Added anticheat.
- Switched scoreboard plugins. placeholders shouldn't break anymore.

- Modified staff rank tags slightly, what do you think?
- Announcements updated.

- Fixed armourstand connection requests from hub to bungee.

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