Changelog | Week 23

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All changes from week 23 can be found here below!


  • Crates are finished
  • Mines does now give more coins & holograms above the block to see when it's re-spawning.
  • Fixed display-name in chat when you change your name on mojang that somehow your username wasn updating.​
  • Discord server has a cleanup and added advertising / server lists bots to it.​
  • Ore regen has been fixed.​
  • Creeper / Enderman grief has been fixed.​
  • Barrels turning back into one, has been patched.​
  • Legendary mine was not regenerating blocks, has been fixed.​
  • Fixed enderpearl.​
  • Fixed an error in the crates by giving spawners.​
  • Proxy has been updated to latest.​
  • 1.14 Support added.​
  • When your name is changed at mojang, it did not apply in-game.​
  • Lag spikes / some performance upgrades.​
  • Webstore is back up.​