Changelog [3-6-2019]

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Since the skyblock release there have been some changes found.
The list of skyblock can be found here below!
- Fixed kits menu
- Essentials home is setup
- Envoys are fixed
- Custom fishing items fixed
- Enderpearl cooldown is fixed
- Donators can now mine spawners
- Ore blocks are now worth on islands
- Rebalanced all block values of the levels.
- Mobcoins is finished and working.
- Fixed creeper damage on island.
- added team size upgrades
- Fixed is level bug
- Added /heads shop
- Fixed tiny issues.
- Fixed tickets & mines
- Added some items to the coins shop such as crop hoppers and more.
- Kill coins have been fixed.
- You now have % to get coins from the mines.
- Vote & legendary crate has been setup.