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Hello dear adventurers,

Currently we are released with vanilla only, we are planning to add more gamemodes shortly.
Vanilla is just so people have something to do on CurseHQ Network.

Now Host:
Currently we are moved to a new host and hope the ping is now more balanced for all countries.
Also the servers should be more stable now, since everything is recreated because the old files we're corrupt. Everything is fresh and remaked.

What are gonna be the new gamemodes?
As we promised we will release kitpvp, prison, factions, bedwars & survival shortly.

The first gamemode that will be released are
kitpvp, prison & factions.

- Added 1.8 - 1.14.2 support.
- Fixed lag spikes.
- Updates /help menu.
- New hub server.

- and more!

Thanks for staying on CurseHQ, and we try to do our best to revive our network as fast as possible.