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Changelog Week 36 - 2019

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These are all changes that we're made this week in week 36 on CurseHQ Network!
All changes of Week 36

Skyblock Order
- Added and configured gkits, custom enchants, and monthly crates.
- Disabled achievement announcements.
- Full inventory bug with telepath patched. using another plugin to alert player to full inventory.
- Inquisitive enchantment removed.
- Casualprotector added to prevent book glitches.
- Network messages updated.
- Added MKD tag.
- Added spawner trader in spawn. [CURRENTLY DISABLED DUE MASSIVE LAG ISSUES]
- Modified voteparty rewards.
- Switched stacking plugins.
- Finally finished all 4319 lines of lang files.
- Removed repair cost from /repair.
- Added anticheat.
- Switched scoreboard plugins. placeholders shouldn't break anymore.

- Modified staff rank tags slightly, what do you think?
- Announcements updated.

- Fixed armourstand connection requests...

Small Maintenance!

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We are conducting some work on the server, and reworking the permission system, this will not take too long.
The server will probably be back up later today.

Also rank names will be changed, but not today!
More information at our discord!

Top Voters Month | July

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Hello everyone

Connection Issues
This is just a short update on why we had so many issues with people not able to connect to the server.
As far as we know, this issue should be resolved and everyone should be able to connect just fine again.
The issue was caused by us updating our BungeeCord to 1.14 support, This issue should now be fixed.

We want to send out a big thank you who voted the past month, this really supports the server and helps us getting over to new players.

Our top 3 voters of July were:

1. @Xielaa 33 Votes (15 Tebex Giftcard)
2. jak222pro (no forum ac, please register when you see this) 32 Votes (5 Tebex Giftcard + Rare Key)
3. YagzanEx12 (no forum ac, please register when you see this) 30 Votes (100k In-Game balance + unCommon Key)
4. @TheForgottenBone 29 Votes (5x Vote Key)

Create a ticket at...

Skyblock Release Information

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Hello dear members of CurseHQ,

As you know we are working hard on Skyblock to release this gamemode 26 july 2019, it will also have a beta release before this date.
We are changing a lot of things, and adding a lot of systems that not a lot servers has.

NOTICE: This thread can be changed sometimes, since we are still working on it, and not all changes & new features have been added yet. This long should probably longer than it is right now.

What's new?
- New skyblock plugin
- CropHoppers, MobHoppers, BreakHoppers with upgrades, faster hoppers.
- Faster leaf decay to make your cactus farm / sugarcane farm faster due this season is focussed on farms.
- New spawners.
- Storage units
- Skyblock envoy, an island that spawns on your island.
- Team Members upgrades
- /generators upgrade
- /is fly (Purchase able with mobcoins)
- Heads by killing mobs & players.
- Custom drops & balanced.
- Upgrade able furnaces.
- Casino games /rpg...
Skyblock release.


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Season 3 of factions is finally here!

The new factions of Season 3 will be released end this month! (exact date will be announced at discord!)

What's new?
  • New Factions Plugin: We are now using Factions plugin to bring you guys a better factions experience. New commands!
  • Custom Enchants: A totally new custom enchant plugin with new enchants.
  • Co-leaders: You can now have faction co-leaders
  • Kits: Kit are now much more balanced. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Once kits are now back! Donator kits now have a new and better look.
  • Spawner System: Rank up through 27 different spawner levels by selling heads! The spawner system is a fun and unique way to play factions while being able to use spawners that you thought you would never use!
  • Spawner Tier: Increase the tier of a spawner by using XP. The higher you...


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Hello dear adventurers,

yesterday we are moved to a new host to give a better connection to the most players worldwide, at least that is what we try as cursehq network. We try to give everyone the best experience in minecraft to give them all a fair connection, so we hope everyone has now better ping.

Also we have bought an overpowered dedicated server that will speed the servers a lot up.
Further we have patched some security mistake and our server makes now more backups.

The current only gamemode vanilla and why?
We have just added vanilla so there is something to-do on cursehq network, since we are updating the and adding a lot of new features & gamemodes.
The new gamemodes will be first, kitpvp, factions, prison & probs the old skyblock backup since that season never was ended.



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Hello dear adventurers,

Currently we are released with vanilla only, we are planning to add more gamemodes shortly.
Vanilla is just so people have something to do on CurseHQ Network.

Now Host:
Currently we are moved to a new host and hope the ping is now more balanced for all countries.
Also the servers should be more stable now, since everything is recreated because the old files we're corrupt. Everything is fresh and remaked.

What are gonna be the new gamemodes?
As we promised we will release kitpvp, prison, factions, bedwars & survival shortly.

The first gamemode that will be released are
kitpvp, prison & factions.

- Added 1.8 - 1.14.2 support.
- Fixed lag spikes.
- Updates /help menu.
- New hub server.

- and more!

Thanks for staying on CurseHQ, and we try to do our best to revive our network as fast as possible.


CurseHQ is coming back!

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What caused us to suddenly end CurseHQ?

I am aware that this question is now popping in all of your heads. I don’t want to make this complicated, so I’ll be explaining simply. The reason is that basically all of CurseHQ’s files got corrupted, (and they still are). Now you may ask “Well Johannes, you spent a lot of time on CurseHQ, how did you let them be destroyed like this?” The corruption mainly occurred due to fatal system crash on our dedicated server. But, yes, you are right. I have dedicated a large amount of time onto CurseHQ. I will not drop this so easily. I have had some conversations with my fellow members and came to a conclusion to continue CurseHQ.

What is going to happen now?

Well, I have committed a very big mistake deleting the old Discord server, you probably know this. But I am not really regretting it. The community persuaded me to continue with that Discord...​

Changelog | Week 23

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All changes from week 23 can be found here below!


  • Crates are finished
  • Mines does now give more coins & holograms above the block to see when it's re-spawning.
  • Fixed display-name in chat when you change your name on mojang that somehow your username wasn updating.​
  • Discord server has a cleanup and added advertising / server lists bots to it.​
  • Ore regen has been fixed.​
  • Creeper / Enderman grief has been fixed.​
  • Barrels turning back into one, has been patched.​
  • Legendary mine was not regenerating blocks, has been fixed.​
  • Fixed enderpearl.​
  • Fixed an error in the crates by giving spawners.​
  • Proxy has been...​

CurseHQ Is looking for youtubers!

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CurseHQ Is looking for youtubers!

CurseHQ was a network which had 200 daily players 6 months ago, but due to a purchase of another network that was filled with toxic players which started insulting, hacking etc.

This killed our server pretty fast, we tried our best to end this, but we got hacked multiple times, which is stopped now after we've taken more robust security measures. Now our community is slowly coming back.

We are looking for ways to make the community grow at a faster pace, we thought of youtubers as of now. However, we are open to hear about other viable options.

You need to have at-least: 250+ views
You need to have at-least: 1000+ Subs
You need to provide your statistics of your channel, so we can know you are not a botted channel (which happened 2 times before on mcm).

You will get a YouTuber rank and a special role at our discord server. If you do not meet these...​

Changelog [3-6-2019]

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Since the skyblock release there have been some changes found.
The list of skyblock can be found here below!
- Fixed kits menu
- Essentials home is setup
- Envoys are fixed
- Custom fishing items fixed
- Enderpearl cooldown is fixed
- Donators can now mine spawners
- Ore blocks are now worth on islands
- Rebalanced all block values of the levels.
- Mobcoins is finished and working.
- Fixed creeper damage on island.
- added team size upgrades
- Fixed is level bug
- Added /heads shop
- Fixed tiny issues.
- Fixed tickets & mines
- Added some items to the coins shop such as crop hoppers and more.
- Kill coins have been fixed.
- You now have % to get coins from the mines.
- Vote & legendary crate has been setup.

Skyblock Release!

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Hello, We want to mention that skyblock wants to release Saturday at 2PM EST with lots of new things and lots of bug fixes.

As you knew, the economy was rather ruined and fucked up at the previous season. This time we have made sure that the economy is fixed and everything is balanced.

What are the new features?
- Mines: We have mines with resources in skyblock from which you can buy tickets, which gives you access to a mine with resources that respawn after so many seconds.
- Hoppers: We have added faster hoppers and crop hoppers.
- Hoppers: We have also added a hopper filter that allows you to filter item frames with a specific item on them.
- Daily rewards: To keep the game a bit special you can collect rewards every day.
- Masks: You can buy masks that give you special effects.
- New vouchers
- New shop prices
- A plugin to trade in a safe way
- Duels: You can now do a duel for money with someone, just a little extra.
- Cluescrolls: Buy a few cluescrolls and you...

New forum!

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Welcome to CurseHQ Network Forums,

We have just released our brand-new forums for you all to enjoy, the staff team hope this update will help the server grow and make it become a more enjoyable place for our community to hang out and discuss topics.

To go along with this release Jungle Kingdoms would also like to announce we are looking for new talented staff members to join our growing server, if you would like to join our team please submit an application for review. We will be sure to get back to you once your application has been discussed internally with management.

Any suggestions you may have towards our network will be gratefully received, along with bug reports. We pride ourselves being able to listen to the community and fix or implement anything they desire.

CurseHQ Management Team